1st Blog

Hi! I’m totally new to this whole blog thing, but I like trying new things. Plus, it’s 2019, so why not?

Like you, I’m an ordinary person experiencing many of the different things life has to offer. Apparently, right now, I’m experiencing the new world of blogging, one thing that life has offered me to try. However, I wouldn’t be blogging right now if life hadn’t placed the new idea into my path. Okay, but how did life lead me to try out blogging? Well… it all revolves around my everyday life and experiences. You see, I love to meet new people, especially those I connect with most. I mean everyone has to enjoy meeting new people, making friends, and eventually finding the one. There’s no way that anyone wouldn’t enjoy or even desire one of those things because it’s what we’re meant to do. I mean you can’t live on a planet with 7 billion people and not want to get to know another person who lives exactly like you. In addittion, we’re all programmed to reproduce and that mainly relies on interaction with others (literally), otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here right now.

Anyways, I love to get to know people, however, where I live and how I go about my life doesn’t exactly make it easy. You see, I live in a big city where there’s plenty of people to meet, but not a lot of meeting going on. At least, in the small suburban neighborhoods I live in, people don’t really know each other because they keep to themselves and don’t leave there houses (unless for necessities such as groceries) or attempt to know those that live around them. Now, I’m not exactly an innocent victim of this on going problem, as I too contribute to it. But… there maybe many explanations for why there is a lack of social interaction in my neighborhood, such as exhaution from work. For myself, I know this to be true when I return home from being at work for a majority of the day. However, the problem seems to extend to places outside the boundaries of my neighborhood, for example, where I work. When I go to my daily work place, I find that many of the people around me are so similar to one another, that it seems like I have no way to distinguish them from one another (other than by there appearance or name). This is a problem I incredibly
dislike to deal with because it makes my workplace less enjoyable. Also, I enjoy experiencing the variety and diversities of peoples’
personalities that are unique to them. After all, if the everything was the same, life would be lame.

Okay, so to wrap it up, that’s what has brought me to attempt blogging. I mean, you never really know if you enjoy something until you try it. Also, blogging is my solution to escaping the barriers of anti-socialism in my city because what other way is there to get more connected with people than through the internet? I mean, majority of people are on it for most their day.

If you read this, thank you! I’m super excited to start this new journey of blogging and I’m eager to share many interests of mine that might relate your interest.


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